72 hours non-stop performance and installation (actuation)

for the National Review of Live Art
c/o Third Eye Centre, Glasgow, Scotland

6:00pm 10th October 1990 - 6:00pm 13th October 1990

* * *

Performance Magazine
No 63 March 1991

From what I recollect of my first impressions of the National Review...
Most strongly, the catastrophic poetics of Alastair MacLennan's installation, Still Tills, in which he performed over endless periods of time, 72 hours. Installation work of this nature has not been around New York for the last five years. Though I suspect it has a life on the West Coast in the States it has not lived past the Chris Burden, Vito Acconci etc. gallery/performance reign of terror and pleasure. And no new work that I know of has a street side. The fact that MacLennan took his work out onto the street raised my American brow. I don't know what to make of a performance artist strolling a sheep skull through a shopping mall.
Article by Nancy Reilly

Although making no pretence of being a festival of installation, the National Review of Live Art has always had a strong programme of installative performance work. In 1990, works by Alastair MacLennan and, particularly, Alan McLean carried this tradition further.
Article by Tony White