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Diverse has built a strong relationship with clients who share our enthusiasm for bringing new experiences to their audiences.
One on these clients is the BBC who values Diverse for its expertise in providing a package of ideas and solutions for their online content.

Take a look at the following 2 productions:
  BBC: Digger and the Gang - National Curriculum Learning Map
Diverse were commissioned by the BBC and the DfEE to provide an important part of the National Grid for Learning. Digger and the Gang is an online resource that provides children with an overview of the National Curriculum.

The site takes a novel approach by using a character family to lead the child through quizzes and thus the curriculum. Particular issues that were addressed included how to create a site that would appeal to a range of ages and how to reassure, whilst at the same time, challenging the child to find out more?

Diverse was able to use its extensive experience in educational content to create a site that both children and parents will find entertaining and useful. See our paper on online learning.
  BBC: Tobu - Online Japanese Learning
Diverse has been commissioned to create an online Japanese language learning resource for 12-14 year olds.

As one of the leading resources for the National Curriculum online, the Tobu project has been exploring new ground by converging video, animation, audio and web technologies.

The project deals with particular challenges like having to provide a support to both collaborative learning as well as being a standalone resource.

Diverse won this prestigious project as a result of being able to combine its design pedigree with traditional storytelling production techniques and our firm understanding of emerging technologies.
See our paper on online learning.
  Universal Music
UMG is one of the worlds largest music groups and music distributors. Their catalogue makes up approximately 25% of all available music on all medias, globally. UMG needed to speed up and rationalise their track clearance process, used in the compilation of all albums.

Diverse in association with Arc software designed an intranet allowing the corporation to manage, track and administer track clearance. The system has been rolled-out to their 85 offices worldwide.

800 users worldwide can now process applications for multiple track clearances typically reducing a 2-week lead-time to 2 days. The system holds two million records on an Oracle database and is expected to process 300,000 requests a year.
  British Museum
The British Museum is the most visited attraction in the UK with 6 million visitors annually. As part of the refurbishment of the historic Reading Room at the heart of the great court project the museum wanted to make available a touch screen public access system giving visitors pictorial access to its collections, thematic guides and orienting visitors to appropriate galleries.

Designed in conjunction with System Simulation, database specialists, Diverse provided the interface to the 'COMPASS' Index+ database system. COMPASS runs on custom made high-resolution flat panel display computers. The design has also been implemented on the British Museum web site for internet access to the same content.

Providing access to an initial 10,000 objects ramping up to 100,000 within 2 years COMPASS is a web and museum public access system for the 21st century offering visitors previously unavailable images and contextual information.

  Readers Digest
readers digest Challenge
Readers Digest brand wasn't working online. They needed their portal web site updated and modernised to reflect their new online demographic.

Diverse identified and created an online brand that functioned and appealed to both silver surfers and the younger digi-literate user alike. At the same time creating a fresh looking site that wouldn't alienate the older Readers Digest audience. Our solution addresses a range of content areas categorised into themed 'channels', which provide the site with a forward thinking strategy in addressing its broadband future.

This new and improved site has been such a success that it has informed the design of all national Readers Digest sites throughout the world.

  Random House
books at random Challenge
As the UK's largest book publisher Random House required a redesign of their web presence to help establish them as an oasis of confidence and clarity in the complex changing world of publishing.

After analysing the existing site Diverse was able to provide recommendations on how to create an effective online brand strategy. Based around the book series Diverse developed the Books at Random online brand as a consistent and timeless site whilst reflecting the Random House pedigree.

Books at Random is an excellent example of the Internet providing publishers with an unprecedented opportunity to engage in direct dialogue with the consumer.

  Microsoft Network
sleeping detective Challenge
Microsoft was looking for revolutionary new content 'programmes' to launch their network channel brand.

Diverse created The Sleeping Detective as an interactive narrative based around an alleged psychic who could prophesise events. The participant could navigate along a 'true line' with the opportunity to digress to asses whether the psychic was bona-fide. As a challenging exploration into convergent media The Sleeping Detective uses cutting edge new media production techniques

The project is highly regarded as being ahead of its time and has set the scene for many interactive narrative based experiences, winning a fan base as far a field as Sweden.

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