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  100% White

Leo Regan has tracked down 3 members of a Neo Nazi gang he photographed 10 years earlier for a book on the extreme right. He spent 12 months filming this extraordinary story. With unvarnished intimacy our film presents a close-up of prejudice and confusion side by side with family breakdown and reconciliation.

Winner of the year's best documentary film in 2000, the judges agreed 'this multidimensional film which gave an outstanding portrayal of the way the main characters' lives had changed over the 10-year period. It was possible to empathise with aspects of their lives while retaining a sense of outrage and horror at their beliefs.'

Winner of 2001 BAFTA Flaherty Prize for Best Documentary
  Seconds to Impact
'Rob, Jon, Dave, Terry and Alan literally live on the edge searching for thrills and the occasional spiritual high'.

'From the Park Lane Hilton hotel to a kilometre-high granite crag in Norway, this is a unique record of why people risk their lives to participate in extreme and often illegal, sports'.

Base Jumping - an extreme sport where participants, once they jump, have mere seconds to impact with the ground.

A split-second mistake could prove fatal!

Directed by Emmy Award winning Lol Lovett.'1x50 mins documentary for Channel 4, 2000
  Position Impossible
'The secrets behind the world's best-known sex manual'

'Sanjeev Bhaskar, actor, writer and comedian, has been fascinated by the Kama Sutra all his life. He invites us on a very personal and often comic quest to discover his exotic inheritance'.

'Learn all you ever wanted to know about the positions, methods of seduction, the author behind this infamous masterpiece and the sensual and sexually enlightened India which so amazed, shocked and titillated the British who encountered it'.

'The Kama Sutra is a subtle, sensual and psychologically shrewd primer for swinging lovers, a piece of ancient Indian relationship counselling and a wise book on every aspect of the good life'

Directed by Carl Hindmarch
3x50 mins for Channel 4, 2000
  The Gambler
'Jonathan Redall's broke!

Diverse have given him 12,000 to gamble with. Racing, roulette, boxing, blackjack, he'll bet on anything. All he needs is luck. And he gets to keep the winnings.
This gambling spree takes Jonathan around the world finishing up in Las Vegas.

If he plays his cards right, it's a trip that could set him up for life.
But he's got more than the odds against him, he's got himself and a television crew watching his every move!'

Directed by Paul Wilmshurst
3x50 mins for Channel 4, 2000
  The Making of the Holocaust
"I usually do not talk about the Holocaust. I think at some point the talking about it has to end" - Henry Kissenger

'Filmed across Europe and the United States, The Making of the Holocaust follows the politicisation of the Holocaust. Destined to be controversial this programme listens to the voices that are beginning to question the attention granted to the Holocaust.

Are the crimes against humanity being undermined?

Critically acclaimed this startling story reveals the untold story of how the Holocaust evolved into a powerful cultural and emotional presence in the modern world'.

Directed by Paul Yule 1x50 mins for Channel 4, 2000
  Recent Credits

White Tribe
They used to rule the world. Now they don't know who they are. Darcus Howe travels England on the hunt for white culture.
Series for Channel 4

Philosophy: A Guide To Happiness 6x30 mins
Documentary series.Alan de Botton explains how the great philosophers can help with everyday problems. C4

The Science Of Secrecy
5x30 mins Documentary SeriesThe history of secret codes from Mary Queen of Scots to the latest Internet encryption. C4

Darcus Howe: Trouble In Paradise
1x50 mins Documentary.The harsh realities of life in the Caribbean 50 years after Independence. C4

Madonna - Blonde Ambition
1x 50 mins Documentary.The true story of the world's biggest pop star before she was famous. C4

Japanese Girls Go Bali
1x50 mins Documentary. A film about Japanese women escaping their inhibitions on holiday in Indonesia. C4

Dancehall Queens
1x50 mins Documentary.Three women travel to Jamaica to pursue passion for dancehall music. C4

Policing Hate
1x50 mins Documentary. Seven years after Stephen Lawrence was murdered, how are the police dealing with racism, both inside and outside the force? BBC2

Simply Complex
1x50mins Documentary. Portrait of the birdwatcher, linguist, physicist, boy wonder and genius - Murray Gell-Mann. Equinox C4

Self Experimenters
1x50 mins Scientists who use themselves as guinea pigs. Equinox C4

The Cricket Test
3x5minsDarcus Howe asks Britain's racial minorities if they support the England cricket team.

6x30 mins Documentary Series. A series where people confront their pasts by meeting up with significant ex-loves. C4

In The Footsteps Of Elizabeth David
2x50 mins Documentary.The dramatic life story of Britain's finest food writer.

Road Raj
5x30 mins Documentary series.Life and death on the mad, crazy streets of Bombay where anything goes. C4

Love In Leeds
x30 mins Documentary series.Where are all the decent men? Our friends in the North, Tracie, Christine, and Sunita play the dating game. C4

3x30/1x60 mins Documentary series.Hard times, hard choices but soft below the waistline: the stories of 4 men and their impotence. C5

Soldier Town
6x30 mins Documentary series.A six-part series looking at life living with the army at Colchester, Britain's oldest garrison town. C4

Waiting For Armageddon
1x60 mins Documentary.Disturbing documentary on death cults. C4

New Britain On The Couch
2x60 mins Documentary.We have never had it so good and yet we feel so awful. Why hasn't post-war wealth brought us happiness? C4

New Labour, New Language
5x5 mins Short Form. Presented by Boris Johnson, Ian Lee & Donna MacPhail. C4

Playing For England
1x60 mins Documentary.The story of the England Supporter's Brass Band. Cutting Edge C4

Close Up: JD Salinger Doesn't Want To Talk
1x50 mins Arts documentary.A portrait of the man behind the voice of The Catcher in the Rye. BBC

The Last Days Of The Board
1x60 mins Arts Documentary.Opening the doors of Britain's film censors. C4

The Phil
3x60 mins Arts Documentary.A major international 3-part observational series about a world-renowned symphony orchestra. C4. Winner of an Emmy award. NVC

1x60 mins Documentary. Traitor or saviour? Profile of David Trimble, the man at the centre of a political storm in Northern Ireland. Cutting edge C4