HAM(mer) & SICK(le)
Falce & Martello, Prosciutto & Vomito

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HAM(mer) & SICK(le)

A Peasant, a Worker. Marxist economic dogmas in pidgin English.
A PEASANT, a WORKER, 1 table, 2 chairs, 1 bottle of cheap beer, 2 glasses, hammer, sickle and cigarettes. A ridiculous attempt to a badly rehearsed play using the language of Capital.

The work has evolved from a series of pieces dealing with the social transformation undertaken by peasant society in the North of Italy during the past century. With the establishment of Industrial Capitalism, peasants have been forced to give up the land and become workers (namely, for FIAT). This has brought a sudden change of values in a society which had been more or less the same for the past 4 centuries. These changes, being set in global industrialisation processes have hardly been grasped by the local peasant-worker. A similar attitude has been reserved to the proposed interpretations of Capitalism, in particular Marxism. In this performance we have assimilated the feelings of our peasant-worker fathers to our attempts of grasping the language of Capital - english, while it was forced-taught to us in the village school when we were kids.

Falce & Martello, Prosciutto & Vomito
Il contadino e l'operaio e una birra sul tavolo. Dialogo da prima lezione d'inglese sui principi economici marxisti.

L'azione era recitata su un dialogo preparato a grandi linee e discusso durante l'azione stessa.

Date: 1996
Lenght: 3 min
Format: Hi8 / Lo-band U-Matic


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