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Manchester Mental Mapping Workshop

Held at URBIS , 10 am - 3 pm, Cathedral Gardens, Manchester 21st June 2008
as part of TRIP, a psychogeographical conference and event

Think of getting round Manchester...

Your brain will conjure up images and memories associated with the place, randomly. Maybe you won't remember where things are, but know how to get there.
You've got a mental picture of the place, your personal map of the city. Nothing compared to the O&S: no grids, no proportions, no miles to the inch.
Mental maps are a fluid collection of areas, paths and landmarks; gaps and blurs abound. Buildings and streets are shrouded in emotions, the city changes according to the observer and the sum of all observations is its aura.

Here's some pics, all the maps will be on soon.

This workshop was part of TRIP: Territories Reimagined: International Perspectives, a psychogeographical event, Manchester 19th -21st June 2008. It's free.

Cathedral Gardens
Manchester M4 3BG

Tel: +44 (0)161 605 8200

Read our paper "Towards methaphysical geography" for the TRIP Conference (friday 20th June 2008)

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>> This is a Nottingham Psychogeographical Unit project

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