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* Amsterdam Mental Mapping Project


Exhibition held at the SMART PROJECT SPACE:
First Constantijn Huygensstraat 20, Amsterdam, NL | |

"Making maps, drawing people"

Can you draw me a map of the place where you live?
I'll be drawing you in the same time.
You map Amsterdam, I'll map Amsterdamers.

The official map of Amsterdam is nothing like the mental image of the city you have in your head. The image I have of you is nothing like your real self. There are as many maps of the world as there are people. There are as many 'you' as there are people looking.

2 weeks exploring Amsterdam collecting mental maps of the city and drawing the improvised cartographers. Drawings were added daily to the SMART Project Space wall, to form a continuously growing global mental map.

The global mental map of the city grows on the gallery wall

Mental Map of Amsterdam by Stephen, homeless, aged 41.

Cartographer Stephen drawing his map

Map of Winneke, secretary, 26.

Winneke and Barboy drawing and describing their map

Mappa of Greg, Inland Revenue inspector, aged 37.


Psychogegraphy is the study of the effects of geographical settings, consciously managed or not, acting directly on the mood and behaviour of the individual.
Psychogeographical research is carried out through non-scientific methods such as the derive - an aimless drift through the city, trying to be guided by the moods suggested by a particular place, and mental maps, personal cartographies where the representation of the world is affected more by the individual perception of it than by its physical, objective features.

I map, I draw, I try to make sense.
I try to fix time and space and people.
An illusion of objectivity which inevitably eludes me.
I struggle to find facts and forget,
that facts are in the eyes of the beholder.

More on mental maps: NPU web site/ mental maps

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